Portland Hot Tubs for Sale – Choices for Affordable Luxury

Portland Hot Tubs for Sale – Choices for Affordable Luxury

Portland Luxury Hot Tubs for Sale.

There’s something truly satisfying about getting into your hot tub after an exhausting day at work. A well-made hot tub can help you reduce stress, get your muscles to relax, and even improve your sleep in the long term. If you live in Portland, Oregon, and are looking for one, then you’re in luck. You no longer have to be swayed away because of unimaginable prices. In fact, this article provides you with various Portland hot tubs for sale, all of which offer you the unique opportunity to have affordable luxury in the comfort of your home.

Spas of Oregon is a premium hot tub dealership that’s dedicated to providing exceptional products with a team that has the skill, experience, and knowledge to help you secure a product that benefits your home in the best possible way. So, let’s get into what’s available.

Three Collections of Portland Hot Tubs for Sale

Spas of Oregon deals in three specific collections for hot tubs. These Dimension One hot tubs include the following.

  1. Bay Collection
  2. Reflections Collection
  3. @Home Collection

Of course, each collection of hot tubs has its own unique features, depending on what type of experience you want from your tub. Here’s what each collection has to offer.

The Bay Collection

The Bay collection is easily the best choice if you’re looking for your dream hot tub. With loads of features in the fully-loaded interior and a breathtaking curvilinear design, these tubs showcase an immediate feel of class and luxury. Perhaps what makes these hot tubs even more remarkable is that they come in a relatively affordable package without any compromises in quality. Thus, these Portland hot tubs for sale truly offer great value for money.

The Bay collection has three models of hot tubs. While they’re different in size, each hot tub is equipped with the patented jet Therapy Pillows that offer a fantastic massaging experience to help your body relax. In addition to that, each one includes “his and her” seats so that you can enjoy a lovely time with your significant other. With that said, the three models include the following.

  1. The Lotus Bay (designed for 5 to 6 adults)
  2. The Amore Bay (designed for 7 adults)
  3. The Sarena Bay (designed for 8 adults)

The Sarena Bay is the top of the line of the three, with just about any hot tub amenity available right at your fingertips. One of those features is also a full-body massage—sounds great to have that right at your home, doesn’t it?

The Reflections Collection

The Reflections collection is ideal for those of you who want a comprehensive list of hydrotherapy performance features in your Dimension One hot tub. The Reflections collection was designed specifically to create a rejuvenating experience for all. Thus, each model has varying seat heights so that people of all body types can sit comfortably and enjoy the adjustable and powerful hydrotherapy jets. This collection has 9 Portland hot tubs for sale, which include the following.

  1. Aurora
  2. Californian
  3. Chairman
  4. Diplomat
  5. Executive
  6. Nautilus
  7. Nautique
  8. Triad-30
  9. Triad-36

The @Home Collection

The @Home collection is ideal for an outdoor hot tub experience. This collection is a showcase of the quality that is expected of Dimension One spas, so it can truly elevate the aesthetic of your home’s outdoor space. The hot tubs’ refined hydrotherapy experience can undeniably transform your day from a stressful and tiring one to a calm and serene one. Like the Reflections collection, this one also has 9 models for sale, which include the following.

  1. Breeze
  2. Cove 
  3. Dream
  4. Journey
  5. Latitude
  6. Meridian
  7. Serenade
  8. Sojourn
  9. Wayfarer

Affordability Made Even Better

While our Portland hot tubs for sale are competitively priced from the start, we also provide comprehensive financing services to make your purchase as seamless and stress-free as possible. With affordable monthly payments, you can enjoy a luxurious experience at home without even needing to break the bank. In addition to that, you can apply online for financing to make this process smooth and quick.

Last Few Words

Spas of Oregon is the premier dealership for hot tubs in Portland, Oregon. With exceptional products and a team that cares about you, the company has made a reputation for itself as one of the best in the business. Spas of Oregon will continue to lead by offering innovative products developed by Dimension One. Affordable luxury at its best!

If you’re ready to secure your favorite new hot tub, visit Spas of Oregon today and check out their inventory.

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