Hot Tubs for Sale in Oregon

Picture this. You’ve just finished a long, tiring week of work and are craving some peace, quiet, and relaxation. If you think you will be forced to visit a spa near you to satisfy your relaxation needs, think again. As a Portland resident, you can purchase your choice of a premium hot tub in Oregon from Spas of Oregon to have your very own at-home spa experience every weekend.

Purchasing a hot tub for your home can be confusing at times. Thankfully, this Oregon hot tubs supplier has many options to choose from. Not only that, but they are committed to providing you with a hot tub that perfectly suits your at-home hydrotherapy needs. So, let’s take a closer look at why you should choose Spas of Oregon for your at-home spa experience.

Premium Hydrotherapy Experience

At Spas of Oregon, every hot tub comes with premium hydrotherapy features that will make your at-home spa experience envied by all the people you know. To start with, the accent jets on the inner walls of our Dimension One hot tubs provide much more personal control than those of your regular old hot

tub. The Dimension One hot tub patented accent jets can be adjusted using a simple twist motion, allowing for a custom hydrotherapy massage on any part of your body.

Not to mention, the typhoon jet in the footwells of our Dimension One hot tubs provides a high-performance massage for trigger points in your thighs, calves, and feet. What’s more, you can enjoy a customizable hydrotherapy massage while relaxing your neck, head, and shoulders on our adjustable flex therapy pillow, which comes with all hot tubs in our Bay and Reflections collections.

Smart and Dynamic Features

What makes a hot tub fit for the modern world is the capacity for the user to control major functions with just a touch of a button. At Spas of Oregon, we offer the best dynamic hydrotherapy features, all of which can be adjusted using our smart control devices. With reliable and modern remote monitoring, which can be connected to your hot tub using a mobile app, you can get real-time data on your hot tub’s performance.

That’s not all. Our Dimension One hot tubs are equipped with either Echo Switches or a D1 Smart Hub Control Panel. Both of these smart features allow you to control your hot tub’s major functions in real-time with just a touch of a button or the pull of a switch.

If you think this is luxurious living, wait till you test out the Dynamic Massage Sequencer, which allows you to switch between 6 pre-programmed massage combinations to target different zones of your body.

Innovative Swim Spas  

Swim Spas have become popular in recent years as the perfect combination of at-home hydrotherapy relaxation and fun. At Spas of Oregon, we have come up with innovative solutions to lowering the operating costs of our swim spas through the use of special closed cell insulation.

Moreover, if you are worried about safety when using a swim spa, especially that of your little ones, our swim spas come with wider and flatter stepping areas, making the experience functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing.

Among the many hot tubs for sale in Oregon, Spas of Oregon offers a large collection of Swim Spas so that the whole family can enjoy the perfect combination of fun and relaxation. Our SwimLife swim spas have greater functional utility and a greater commitment to safety built right into the design, such that you’ll get more for your money as compared with similar-sized competitive models.

Multiple Hot Tub Collections

Depending on your personal hydrotherapy needs and where you would like to place your hot tub in your home, you can choose from our vast and diverse collections of hot tubs to pick the perfect one for your lifestyle.

Our @Home Collection features some of our best selling hot tubs, all of which are designed with the quality, compactness, beauty, and functionality that has come to be expected of Dimension One hot tubs. While these may not be our most luxurious hot tubs, the @Home Collection includes a classic line of hydrotherapy spas that will be perfect for your at-home retreat.

Our Bay Collection includes excellent hot tubs with all the basic and premium features one could desire. Ranging from five-seater hot tubs to eight-seaters, the hot tubs in the Bay Collection have a distinct curvilinear design making them both functionally efficient and aesthetically beautiful.

The Reflections Collection features some of the most comprehensive hydrotherapy features, designed for those who desire a premium and customizable hydrotherapy experience. The jets are powerful, and the massages are customizable. When it comes to premium hot tubs in Oregon, it’s hard to beat the multiple options in the Reflections Collection.

Final Words

 If you are looking for some premium hot tubs for sale in Oregon, there’s no better place to visit than Spas of Oregon. This Oregon hot tubs supplier is fully committed to providing you with the excellence that at-home hydrotherapy should ideally be. With many collections to browse through, ultra-modern, customizable features, and an innovative approach to hydrotherapy, you won’t have to look further for your choice of hot tub in Oregon.

So visit Spas of Oregon today and check out their inventory.

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